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Tips - Bali Travel

Bali Tips Travel
The following list has been compiled to help you make the most of your stay in Bali. General things that you should or shouldn't do...
v be careful with your belongings at all times. Crime is on the increase and can ruin your holiday. Cases of handbag snatching have been reported, so leave important documents in your hotel safe and wear your bag across your shoulders!
v change money at a reputable looking location, use your own (or the hotel's) calculator before changing!
v put on loads of High Factor Waterproof Sun Cream (especially if you intend to spend a lot of time in the water).
v drink a lot of bottled water and eat a lot of fresh fruit - do your body a favor.
v try not to step on offerings in the street (walk around them).
v respect the slow pace of processions when stuck behind one, i.e. don't honk!
v haggle when buying (except on price-tagged goods.)
v buy 'Immodium' to relieve bouts of Bali belly.
v have a wonderful holiday!
× Don't ... ×...forget to take your passport (or a photocopy of your ID), with you at all times! ×...swim outside designated swimming areas on the beach, currents can be very strong. Swim between the red and yellow flags. × drugs! It can carry the death penalty, and there are enough foreigners residing in Bali courtesy of the Govt. prison service! ×...touch people's heads - it is very offensive to Hindu’s. ×...enter a temple during menstruation. Sorry Ladies! ×...forget to put salt on your food & drink water - you will probably sweat a lot. ×...worry too much about the ice - it's government-quality controlled in established bars and restaurants. ×...forget to look and listen while you cross the road. Cars may stop, motorbikes may not! ×..forget to reconfirm your flight 72 hours prior to flying. Airport Departure Tax is: International = Rp. 100,000 Domestic = Rp. 30,000
It is important to also note the following:
  • The Visa on Arrival is non-extendable and cannot be converted into a different visa.
  • The Visa purchasing system will take approximately 3-5 minutes per applicant.
  • There are 6 payment counters, a bank and a money changer set up to process payments
  • Once you have paid for and received your visa you will need to proceed to Immigration where your visa will be processed
Citizens of countries not on the visa on arrival or visa free lists will be required to apply for a visa before entering Indonesia.
Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia, and you must have proof of onward passage (either return or through tickets). If you cannot fulfill both of these requirements, you may not be allowed to enter the country
Currency The Rupiah. Notes 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000. Coins 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000. Currency Converter
Bali Time Bali Time Zone is GMT + 8 hours.
Electricity Most hotels use 220 volts, 50 cycles and a round, two-pronged slim plug. Bathroom shaver plugs usually have a transformer switch. We suggest taking an adaptor for your appliance.
Getting Around You will find a range of chauffeur driven limousines, self-drive cars, taxis and hotel courtesy cars. Many taxis are not metered so it's wise to negotiate the fare before you climb aboard. Bemos are a unique form of transport. They are a mini-van masquerading as a communal bus. You simply hail the driver and negotiate the fare that suits you both. Motorcycles can also be hired in many places but special care should be exercised at all times as road and traffic conditions can be somewhat hazardous in certain locations. Traveling around Bali is made all the easier because everywhere you go you'll find friendly people only too happy to give you advice and directions on how to get where you want to go.
Driver's License If you wish to hire a car you must be over 18 years of age and posses an International Driver's License or license from ASEAN countries.
Clothing Light, airy, casual clothes are the most practical and you'll find natural fibers like cotton or linen are the most comfortable in Bali's often humid conditions. Waist sashes should be worn when visiting temples.

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The Interesting Places of Denpasar

Denpasar is the capital city of Bali. Denpasar houses government offices, banks, and many other offices. Pura Jagatnatha, a temple dedicated to the Sang Hyang Widi (Supreme God), has been converted into a Museum. The status of a turtle and two dragons in the temple signify the foundation of the world. The Pura's architecture resembles that of a Balinese palace. It houses a fine variety of early and modern art.
Sanggraha Kriya Hasta is a government-supervised art center, home to a wide variety of handicraft and works of art. Werdi Budaya presents a yearly art festival between June and July, with performances, exhibitions, art contest, and other artistic activities.
Denpasar is now a city of 400,000 inhabitants and more vehicles per capita than Jakarta. Many first-time visitors to Bali make the mistake of skipping Denpasar in their tour of the island. But in fact there is much to do and see here. There's a leafy, expansive art centre, a museum, and a colourful and cheap market in Jl. Sulawesi and Jl Sumatera. There are also several department stores and supermarkets. Early mornings are recommended as the midday sun can be draining.
The Interesting Places of Denpasar :
Sanur located of south east from denpasar. Its coast sand to turn white and most of spektakuler is the sunrise view. Its coast is calm so that make the many people play at the kano and boat. There is The Pura Segara on Jl Segara Ayu and Pura MertaSari with the supernatural force.
2. Benoa Harbour
Left of the causeway, yachts lie at anchor in the bay, on the right are replantings of mangrove. The cruise boats for the small islands east of bali are found near the marina. Colorful old commercial fishing boats are tucked away on the other side of benoa harbour
3. Mangrove Forest
Located in Pemogan, Denpasar with the view of mangrove tree which beautiful scenary. There is tower facility offering view of mangrove forest and also beautiful view Benoa Harbour.In here also there is Narmada Temple and a Klenteng (temple for the Budha's people) laid at adjoin.
4. Monumen Bajra Sandi
In form of like temple, lies at a wide field encircled by few leaves only grove. In it there are museum and tower. In every morning and afternoon also holiday, many people which squat and jogging and do sport activity.
The museum’s architectures is itself a subject of this ethnological museum. The collection are very fine.
6. Pura Jagatnatha
Just next door to the museum, The Pura Jagatnatha is a temple founded in the 1970’s whose principal deity is Sang Hyang Widi Wasa, The Godhead of the Hindu Balinese.
7. Puri Pemecutan
8. Pura Maospahit
9. Werdi Budaya Art Center
Located at Jalan Nusa Indah, It is the grandest and the most succesfull at meeting its high-minded ambitions. The art center has a number of different services and events, the famous being Pekan Kesenian Bali (PKB)/The Art Festival which is held every year in June or July, but a visit is worthwhile any day.

The Map of Bali

Bali Map

Here is the map op Bali.

Bali Map
Denpasar Map
Kuta Map
Sanur Map
Singaraja Map

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