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Bali Butterfly Park Taman Kupu Kupu in Bali

You will find numerous tourist places for Sightseeing in Bali, which is known as the last paradise on earth. You will get detail information about what to do in Bali from the Bali Travel Guide. Bali is a popular holiday destination for many reasons. You will be fascinated by captivating sea beaches of Bali, and some of them are truly breathtaking and will offer you complete privacy. Bali is also a favorite among adventure lovers as it has many swift rivers, forests, caves and cliffs to explore. Those who come to Bali make it a point to visit Bali National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuary and especially the wonderful Bali Butterfly Park Taman Kupu Kupu in Bali.
A beautiful butterfly in Bali Butterfly Park, Tabanan
Bali Butterfly Park Collection

The Butterfly Park of Bali is not only a park in that sense, but it also gives you a clear picture of the life cycle of butterflies. The Bali Butterfly Park Taman Kupu Kupu in Bali is located 7 km from Tabanan on the way to Panebel. The park is easily accessible from any part of the city by taxi, bus or private car.
The Bali Butterfly Park Taman Kupu Kupu in Bali boast of being the largest in entire Southeast Asia solely devoted to butterflies. You can spend your whole day with family and friends in this park, which is open from 8am-5pm daily.
Bali Butterfly Park Collection
Bali Butterfly Park Collection

Spread over 3,500 square meters, this enclosed huge park is perfect for studying ecosystem, breeding and protection of butterflies. You can watch various colorful and exotic kinds of butterflies, including the rare Bird Wing Butterfly. The park guides will give you lots of information about how to conserve them and before leaving collect gift from the special souvenir shop.

Tabanan Tourist Object

Tabanan Tourist Object and Travel Guides
Green Rice Terraces at Pupuan, Tabanan

The first impression in Tabanan is the green and fertile land. The series of hills and the mountain ranges at its northern border, adjacent to Beratan Lake, Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake have made the regency full of water. From the cool climate and weather and the steeping hilly landscape in the north to the beachside in the south, Tabanan positions itself as an ideal location for wetland farming and plantations. Fruits and vegetables are produced in the northern part of the regency and high quality rice gain is produced in the central and southern part of the region.
Ulundanu Temple at Bedugul, Tabanan, Bali

Occupying an area of around 893.33 square kilometers, Tabanan has a population of 374,000 which are spread equally throughout 10 districts. Although the opportunities to work in the tourism industry and other sectors are not widely opened, many people in Tabanan continue to do their common ways of living. The shortage of labors for farming sector is managed through the implementation of modern and efficient ways of farming. Thus, Tabanan is still the provider of basic needs for most people in Bali.
Spectacular before harvest time of rice Terraces at Antosari, Tabanan, Bali

Hotels Last Minute Deals!
The beauty of the wildlife in Tabanan, such as its rice fields has the potential for attracting tourists who are in search of breathtaking landscapes. Tanah Lot, Penebel, Jatiluwih, Pupuan, Antosari and Bedugul are most visited places by tourists from around the world and many countries who are the nature adores.

Some hotels list in Tabanan District:

Sanda Butik Villas Bali
Desa-Sanda, Pupuan 82163, Tabanan - Bali

Waka Gangga Resort Bali
Jl. Pantai Yeh Gangga, Desa Sudimara, Tabanan, Bali

Waka Gangga
Jalan Yeh Gangga, Desa Sudimara, Tabanan, Bali Indonesia Tabanan
Bali, Indonesia Traveler Opinion

Le Meridien Nirwana Golf & Spa
PO Box 158, Kediri, Bali, 82171

Gajah Mina Beach Resort
Suraberata, Lalanglinggah,selemandeg, Bali
Batu Bolong Temple at Tanah Lot, Tabanan

Sanda Butik Villas & Restoran
Desa-Sanda, Pupuan 82163, Tabanan - Bali

Puri Dajuma Cottage
Pekutatan Negar BaliIndonesiaa Pekutatan Bali

Cempaka Belimbing
Ds. Suradadi Belimbing, Pupuan Tabanan

Puri Lumbung
Jl. Tunggul Ametung Vii No.9, P.o. Box No. 3603, Denpasar 80036 Bali

Pacung Asri Mountain Resort
Jalan Raya Baturiti Bedugul, Tabanan 82191, Bali, Indonesia

Kuskus Indah
Jl. Pulau Batam, Bali 82111

Le Meridien Nirwana Golf & Spa Resort Bali
Jl. Raya Tanah Lot, Bali 82162

Tabanan, Bali

Tabanan is the name of a district in west Bali and also the largest town in the district. The town is located next to the main east-west road leading to Java. A bypass means you do not have to crawl through town and can maintain a decent speed, the traffic lights being the only hinderance.

Tabanan is not really a tourist town and most likely you will not want to stop there for long. Still there are some interesting aspects to the town. Back in 1906 the Balinese and Dutch were fighting over control of the island. The kingdom of Tabanan (a former regency of Bali) refused to abide by Dutch regulations outlawing the Hindu practice of suttee, whereby a man’s widow is cremated with him. The Dutch forces marched towards Tabanan from the south, refusing to negotiate with the raja. In other regencies of Bali the raja and his court committed the ritual puputan (group suicide). The raja of Tabanan wanted to avoid this, but rather than be exiled in Lombok, he committed suicide in Denpasar prison. The history of coloncial rule around the world is written in blood, Bali being no exception.
One of the more positive historical points of interest is the Subak museum, located close to the main bypass road. While the museum itself is nothing special, it documents one of the most important social / economic / cultural institutions in Bali, the Subak. Dating back to 600AD, Bali has been using a system of unmechanized rice cultivation and water management. Bali’s ability to produce an endless supply of rice year round is central to its history. Management of the water courses, stretching all the way to the highland lakes, is controlled by the Subak. A farmer cannot simply flood all his fields at the same time, or divert a main stream to access more water. The system is intricate and the Subak museum is the place where its officially documented.
Downtown Tabanan looks like many other large Balinese towns, with a busy market close to the central streets. For tourists driving through you will be able to use an ATM machine, change money, locate an internet cafe and find a post office, all on Jl. Gajah Mada / Jl. Pahlawan.
Tabanan has 2 important bemo terminals for the adventurous. Bemos are the small minibuses and while most tourists do not use them, they act as a safety net for getting around if other ways fail. The Denpasar (Ubung terminus) to Gilimanuk (ferry point to Java) bemos all stop at Pesiapan terminal, 1.5km west of downtown Tabanan. The Kediri bemo terminal is located on the main road in the east of the town.
If you are passing through Tabanan on your way to Java and need a handy place for the night, check out Kuskus Indah Hotel (Jl. Palau Batam 32) - (0361)815373. Affordable AC or fan rooms, with public swimming pool close by.
For those looking for a beach environment, you can find accommodation at Yeh Gangga, Lalang Linggah to the SW and Balian to the west. Highlights of the area close to Tabanan include Taman Kupu Kupu (Butterfly Park) in Wanasari, Pura Taman Ayun (temple) in Mengwi and Yeh Panas hot springs. Pura Tanah Lot is a 15 minute drive SW from Tabanan and Seminyak can be reached in 45 minutes.

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Lovina : Eating and Drinking

Zigiz Bar, Jalan Binaria ( Live acoustic guitar nightly. Large cocktail selection.

Jax Bar, Lovina main road ( Live band every night, karaoke, pool room,darts board ,live sports including football on the biggest screen in lovina, dance floor, Chinese food,and probably the most extensive cocktail list in lovina,..... watch the big game sing on the karaoke, enjoy the band or just simply relax in lovina's newest nightspot... we even have a bouncy castle to keep the kids amused !!

Volcano Bar, is the only and best disco in town. If you are around on Saturday and want to make some moves with locals, you should go here. Entrance is around 25.000 (one free drink included).

Warru Bali is a cool place to get get a beer and watch the sun go down. One of the oldest warung in Kalibukbuk and still very popular. Stay late and you might enjoy a singalong with some of the locals.

Banjar Hot Spring

Banjar Hot Water is a nature hot wellspring from the ground and it is believed can heal the disease. Its water is accommodated at one small swimming pool encircled by unique rural nature, its situation close to the Wihara ( Buda Temple ). Banjar Hot Water is located in Banjar Countryside, Banjar sub district and Singaraja Regency. It is about 1,5 Km from Banjar or 24 Km from Singaraja Town . To reach the Hot Water location in Banjar, we can use the motor vehicle through the main road with good condition and passing the Balinese Village with unique culture life. The nearest accommodations like hotels or lodging including restaurants are also available in particular at Lovina Beach area. There are many public transportation also available to connect the travel to Singaraja town.This hot wellspring source is predictably built since of hundreds of year ago and since the Japanese colonize the Indonesia, this place has developed into three pools to relocate the water for taking a bath. The Japanese had also developed its military officer resort close to this area. Having bathing in the heat water containing the brimstone, it will be able to heal the skin disease. This public bath which is built by Japanese now is exploited by public society. Beside of that, now this place is opened for tourist who can use this bathing place to swim in hot pool and also enjoy the water fall. Enjoying the hot water fall, we can feel like squeezing, especially at pool equipped by the douche with the high about 3,5 meters, so that can make the body refresh and relaxation.

Banjar Hot Water, Places to Visit in North Bali

Hot water in Banjar is progressively recognized to be a place of interest in north of Bali or a tourist destination in Singaraja Bali. Now this place visited by many tourist from local and Foreign countries. It is a mini tourism object which is easily reached from Lovina Beach and it is opened daily from 07.00 am until 18.00 pm daily except Nyepi Day (Silent Day).From Singaraja Town, take the way to Gilimanuk or to the west part of Singaraja and we will meet the Banjar Countryside which is show the direction sigh of this hotel water place.

Singaraja (Buleleng), North Bali

Singaraja is in the regency seat of Buleleng and is often referred to as Lion City. Located on the north coast just east of Lovina, Singaraja was once the capital of Bali under Dutch colonial administration. It is a place not renowned for people to stay overnight or for a few days and most travellers travel further along the coastline to places like Lovina where the accommodation is more prodigious and of better quality. However, it is a city of charm with its wide, tree-lined streets and Dutch colonial architecture present every where you look. Singaraja is also an educational centre having two university campuses. But, that is not all that the Lion city has to offer. Being steeped in history, Singaraja has some great places to visit as well as some really good warungs and restaurants, and, not to forget the numerous market places. A turn down any corner will reveal a surprise and the people are amongst the friendliest on the island.

Here are a few places you might want to check out next time you are up this way:

Gedong Kirtya Museum and Library: This is the only library in the world with a large collection of lontar manuscripts both ancient and sacred texts on leaves of the lontar palm. The building also houses books from the Dutch colonial era and some very interesting inscribed copper plates called prasasti. The library actually contains over a thousand texts on the sciences from philosophy to astrology and medicine. Not far from the Library is the museum which houses the collection of the last Raja of Buleleng.

Ling Gwan Kiong Chinese Temple: Just off Jalan Erlangga and a stones throw from the ocean sits the beautiful Chinese temple Ling Gwan Kiong. A colourful and beautifully constructed klenteng, access to the temple is via a water bridge over a pond filled with pink and white lotus flowers. An unusual array of Koi fish can be seen in the depths of the water of this quaint pass-over to the inner temple. Gold Bhudda statues and ornately decorated textiles are to be found everywhere. Particularly impressive are the murals of Deities hand-painted on the entrance doors and surrounding walls.

The Waterfront Harbour: This is a nice place to relax and quite stunning with its panorama of the open ocean. It is a quite place and there are some deserted and old Dutch warehouses to be found here but they are rundown but one can imagine the hive of activity that once occurred there. Take a stroll along the beach and have a look at some of the scattered traditional villages along this stretch. There is also a monument called Yudha Mandala Tama that was erected in 1987 and commemorates the independence struggle against the Dutch in the 1940’s.

Singaraja Central Market: Located right in the centre of the city on the main street, this poky and dusty market is fabulous to meander through albeit a tad claustrophobiatic at times. The market is seldom visited by westerners so be aware of pilfering but it is a place where you an also get some great shopping and cheaper than in Kuta!. It is a general goods market meaning it has just about everything.


Lovina, Singaraja, Bali

Lovina Beach is a 12 km stretch of coast to the North West of Singaraja in North Bali. It is several resorts rather than one. It comprised of several narrow stretches of black volcano sand. Lovina, like most of Bali, fills up with tourists from all over the world in August. It is a nice break from the bustle of the South. These days the mix of tourists is mainly families and couples rather than the backpackers of yesteryear.
Kalibukbuk is the largest and most developed village but it is just two streets of hotels, bars, restaurants, and dive shops running down to the beach. There is a wide range of accommodation and restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes. There are two clubs and several bars, but the nightlife is generally low key and easy giong.
You can easily get to Lovina by bus from all parts of Bali, but it is along ride from the East or South. Getting your own car with or without a driver ( I don't recomend without!!) is a much easier way to get to the North. Bemo’s are the local public transport buses and they ply all the local routes. Again it is much easier to hire a driver and car for any longer journey. You can travel from Kuta in less than 3hrs and from the airport or Sanur in about 2.30hrs. You will travel through (Pura Ulun Danau), Bedugul and could go the pretty way through Munduk if you are not in a hurry. So you could stop to take in the temple, lakes and rice paddies on your trip and make a day of it.
"Lovina Beach painting" in the morning 

Sightseeing trips are easy to organise either with drivers on the street or through your hotel. Some sugestions are:
Air Banjar Hot Springs - Located west of Lovina, Air Banjar (or Panjar) is an enchanting hot springs with stone carved mouths gushing water among a lush garden setting. A nominal entrance fee is charged. Go in the morning if you want some peace and quiet, you will have the place to yourself if you get there before 9am.
DolphinTrips - These trips leave early each morning and are great fun for the kids, despite the critiscism that the boats tend to outnumber the dolphins. Prices are fixed by a dolphin cartel, they are around 50.000 (4 euro).

Snorkeling is possible on the reef just offshore from Kalibukbuk in the mornings around 10am. You will need to hire a boat for this and it costs about 50,000 per head (includes gear). Snorkeling and scuba diving trips leave from Kalibukbuk for Menjangan and other north shore dive spots. There are several dive operators based out of Lovina that operate daily dive trips to Menjanan Island, Tulamben and Amed, as well as night dives from the local shore. "Spice Dive" are based out of Lovina and offer day trips to all of the dive spots on the northern shore. Guides are available in a variety of languages and multi-day discounts are available." hours="averages" price="US$55-$75 per day.
sunset at Lovina Beach

Spa - Lovina is lucky to have several spa facilities. While a little more low key than the spas to the south, the service is excellent and the prices, being much less than the opulent spas in the south, are an excellent value and well worth it. ''Agung's Spa offers body scrubs, facials, massage, etc. It is also the nicest spa facility in Lovina, though by Balinese standards it is much smaller and basic than what you would find elsewhere on the island. 'Bali Samadhi Spa [] (Tel. 081 338 558 260) in Lovina offers a variety of massages. One is called Rebalancing Massage a very nice mixture between therapeutic and well-being massage. Mandi Lulur scrubs are available including the yogurt mask.
One of restaurant above the beach

Eating and Drinking - 'Kakatua' in Kalibukbuk is one the most popular with tourists and not without reason. The menu is varied, the staff friendly and you can see the food being prepared and cooked from fresh ingredients. There are many good restaurants and bars listed on other pages in the site.


Singaraja is the regency seat of Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia. The name is Indonesian for 'Lion King'. It is on the north coast just east of Lovina. It has an area of 27.98 km² and population of 80,500.

Singaraja was the Dutch colonial administrative centre for Bali and the Lesser Sunda Islands until 1953, and the port of arrival for most visitors until development of the Bukit Peninsula area in the south.

Gedong Kirtya, just south of the town centre, is the only library of lontar manuscripts (ancient and sacred texts on leaves of the rontal palm) in the world. (wikipedia)

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