Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tirtagangga Karangasem

In the east of Bali area, was indeed save a million beauty that seemed endless for the dig and then sold as a tourist attraction.The beauty of water palace at Tirta Gangga example, It  has completed the postcard on Bali since the 70s. 80's many inns are popping up around the park which covers 5 acres. Visitors, especially among foreign tourists feel the park was like falling from the sky or they describe it as a piece of beauty that is directly descended from heaven. And do not just tourists who admire Tirta Gangga, every weekend never deserted parking lot of the visit, foreign and domestic tourists also residents of surrounding areas. They perform a ceremony called "melukat" from various ponds in the garden. Karangasem King who came to power about 3 centuries ago to build this park is said without a draft. Just set a few places, dig it of course with the commander, then in 35 years complete with water park with protruding from the source which is then accommodated in the crystal clear pool.

Since its original style garden park of the past in the Netherlands showed that charisma is not playing. The magic still felt to this day, no one dared to wash their feet and wash my face in place of the kings of ancient times often bathe. There are dozens of goldfish for the thighs of adults milling about in the pool, said it was a direct fish stocked by the king of Karangasem in his time.People only dare to bathe in the pool even further in the downstream direction which is reserved for the commoners. Other awesomeness under a beautiful pond fountain stream terraces until now believed that there are inhabiting it, because when in the wake of the king gave him a kind of spell spell called pasupatining urip kalantas.

Even when Mount Agung erupted 63 years, this park is not the least damage when located right at the eastern foot of the mountain," said Ketut Tantri, 65 years, residents around Tirta GanggaTo reach this area we have to drive along 80 km east of Denpasar. Located at the foot of the mountain Lempuyang foggy all day. Until Tirta Gangga throughout the day, especially so early dawn mist overlooks tipi's which welled from all directions. Tourists and local visitors usually melukat custom shower all day even until midnight. The atmosphere became preoccupied because every moment that echoes the preoccupation stakeholders mentra and rang the bell will sound to the corner of the park. The foreign visitors who visit are usually those who are already bored with the atmosphere of Kuta and Sanur are modern, they need to come to just enjoy the beauty of the eastern part of Bali that remains. Some budget hotel can be obtained at a price only Rp. 150.000/night (about $ US 18) and the location immediately adjacent the wall of the famous park. The owner admitted, guests visit never to make room in its place until full.

Visit the beautiful place it is declining because the trend among tourists these days is,  Amed area which is only 6 km from Tirta Gangga. The beach is not too far frome here with beautiful scenery. Not only the beach, underwater life also very beautiful and you must do snorkeling or diving in Amed. Besides the natural atmosphere is attached to the area also joined in support, there are many tall trees such as durian and manggirthe left even though he was already more than a half century are still productive even bear fruit until now.

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