Thursday, October 1, 2009

Balinese Gamelan Privileges

Balinese gamelan has elements that no privilege on other kinds of music in various countries around the world. That way, the Balinese gamelan able to attract the attention of people overseas to memelajarinya.

"The specialty is concerned systems 'developers isep' (tunings) and 'kotekan' (variation)," said Manika Santi Studios Chairman Denpasar I Wayan Sinti MA Balinese gamelan teaching experience in a number of arts colleges in the United States in Denpasar Thursday.
a say, thanks to the special elements of Balinese gamelan percussion and dance makes Bali rapid development in several countries around the world.

It is indirectly a positive impact on imaging Indonesia, especially Bali internationally. "Studios that teach the art of percussion and dance performance developed in Japan, the United States, Canada and some other countries," said Wayan Sinti who won the trust as a lecturer at the University Balinese Gamelan Taronto Canada.

Similarly, most of the 58 foreign students were studying percussion and dance performance at the Faculty of Performing Arts Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Denpasar, constantly strengthen its ability to more local artists.

"Dozens of foreign students were at least twice a week to learn percussion and dance performance on campus," said I Wayan Sinti. With two sets of gamelan and Manika Santi Siwanada can teach foreign students to memainkam various types of Balinese gamelan instruments.

Both devices of his own gamelan, each with eleven types of instruments capable of multiple functions to melakoni least 30 types of gamelan in Bali.

With both types of gamelan is designed to facilitate foreign students studying various types of Balinese gamelan, said Wayan Sinti, a graduate alumnus of San Diego State University, California, United States.

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