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Jati Luwih, Tabanan Bali

Jati Luwih, Tabanan Bali

Jatiluwih is one of the places of interest with marvelous natural attraction in Bali. Its cool weather being about 700 m above the sea level, terraced of rice field back grounded by mountain covered by dense tropical forest is really a spectacular natural charm.

Instead of its natural potency, Jatiluwih is also known for its Cultural belonging, mainly the construction history of a temple related to the reign of King Ida Dalem Waturenggong at Gelgel Palace (1460¬1551).


It is about 48 km in distance from Denpasar, or about 28 km, north of Tabanan town. To enjoy the visit to the village, the tour itinerary can be combined: Denpasar - Bedugul (the junction at Pacung - Baturiti)- Jatiluwih-Penatahan hot spring & Spa -Subak monument/ museum - Alas Kedaton monkey forest - Tanah Lot (to enjoy sunset on the beautiful beach of Tanah Lot/Temple on the rock)


This place of interest has been completed with parking lot, toilet, resting place and viewing spot. Some restaurants are available but there is no accommodation there yet. The road going there is also under improvement so motor vehicle can pass through East line i.e.: via Pacung Junction to Jatiluwih or through West line via Penatahan Hot spring -Batukaru Temple -Jatiluwih.

Tourist Visit

This place of interest has long been visited by abundant visitors, domestic and overseas to enjoy its fresh weather, spectacular view of the extensive rice terrace. Instead of that, once in 210 days according to the Balinese Calendar, people go to Petali Temple on the upper land of the village when a sacred dance called "Wali Pendet' dance is performed to celebrate the temple's anniversary.


Jatiluwih as a natural tourist attraction, had actually been known since the Dutch colonization in Bali (1910-1942), because the Dutch troop once built a military base camp on the western part of the village and up to this moment the locals call it as "Tangsi Belanda" (The Dutch Barrack).

The Provincial Government of Bali has announced Jatiluwih as one of tourism villages as to increase the number of tourist arrival to this island because of its great potency as previously mentioned.

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