Saturday, August 30, 2008

Soka Beach, Tabanan Bali

Soka beach has long been known by people regarding its location by the main road Denpasar - Gilimanuk. The panorama is quite magnificent with chains of hills as natural wall on the Westside which is then connected with Mt. Batukaru on the North while on the East, Mt. Agung is seen in the distance and Indonesian Ocean is on the South with the eastern tip of East Java i.e. : Blambangan/Banyuwangi is also seen in the distance. Terraced rice field and coconut plantation are the other attractions, more over when sunset time comes, twilight over Srijong Temple nearby will be an unforgettable moment.

Instead of its natural beauty, Soka Beach hides away thousands of natural miracles and legends. One can find a coral stone with size of about 30 m surrounded by sand and seawater believed as "Kebo Iwo's cooking pot" (a legend about a mighty Balinese man named Kebo Iwo) who is said used to cook using that cooking - pot.

On the west side of "Kebo Iwo's cooking pot", next to Luhur Serijong Temple there is another coral - stone in the form of Balinese traditional stove sized about 10 x 20 m believed as the stove on which the mighty Kebo Iwo cooked his meal using his cooking - pot.

Luhur Serijong Temple was built at the same time as Rambut Siwi Temple and Tanah Lot Temple by "Ida Pedanda Sakti Wawu Rauh", the Holy High priest in XVI century.


Soka Beach is located at Antap village, district of Selemadeg Tabanan regency. It is about 45 km in distance from Denpasar or about 84 km from Gilimanuk, right by the main road Java-Bali which road is known always very busy along the day and night. On the East part of the beach, there is a natural cave on the coral cliff named "Bullung Daya" cave occupied by thousands of swallows.

Along the western part of the beach is coconut plantation while a simple accommodation named "Balian Beach Bungalow" is located by Balian River known as one of the best rafting locations in Bali.


Some facilities like restaurant, simple accommodation and spacious parking - lot are available at Soka Beach. During holiday and at full - moon night the beach is crowded with local people and those carrying out religious ceremony.

For those being fond of sea - fishing, going to the sea with local fishermen using traditional rowing - boats will be a choice.


Up to this time, Soka Beach's history is still unknown. One definitive thing is Soka Beach has long been a stopover for people going to / from Java instead of the story about the mighty Kebo Iwa as previously mentioned.

Luhur Serijong Temple is a temple adhered by Hindu followers of Tabanan regency as well as from the other parts of Bali, mostly by "Subak" members (traditional irrigation/farming organization) since the temple is believed to be the place where people worship the Lord of food stuff (Dewi Sri/Goddess of Rice).

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