Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Exotic of Taman Ayun Temple

Its holiday time! ? Where will you go? So many interesting places in Bali, sometimes up to confusion to go. The beach or the mall was bored .. At last week this morning we decided to visit Taman Ayun Temple in Mengwi, which are located very close to Denpasar. Travel about a half hour from downtown Denpasar on the northwest one-way by road to Bedugul and Singaraja. Taman Ayun Temple is located in Badung regency Mengwi.


Arriving at the temple we immediately parked my motor cycle and took pictures in front of the temple area that looks so beautiful. Taman Ayun Temple is surrounded by an artificial pond that makes the atmosphere cool in the neighborhood temple area. Although the water was green and brown but it looks clear. In the gate of temple there are 2 statues guard which is right on the edge of the pond. The existence of clusters to increase the beauty of the lotus pond in this temple complex.


After entering the gate we met two mothers guard booth and buy a ticket in with the price of 3000 rupiah. According to the guard booth mother Pura Taman Ayun was built about 400 years ago around 1634 BC by the king of Mengwi Kingdom, I Gusti Agung Ngurah Made Agung. Next we go to the main page of this temple Taman Ayun. The front page of this temple is so wide and planted with grass so green and lush impressed. In the corner of the temple there is a kind of gajebo buildings with traditional Balinese roof of palm fiber and there are also memorial fountain that leads to a 9 direction of the wind.



To go into the temple area are paving the road to the right and left decorated with flower pots. So airy look and so relieved the landscape. After a while running then we will enter the second door, a Balinese gate decorated with carvings and engravings, beautiful with a few stairs. Right in front of the entrance there are two small buildings that are similar to existing kulkul in each row in Bali. In even this area looks spacious and roomy with a view of the main gate to enter the main building temples. The main door looks tall and elegant with Balinese ornaments and carvings. There are 3 entrances which leaves the door made ​​of wood. For visitors who do not intend to worship must go through the side door on the left. Since we are only visiting and do not pray then we follow the directions as per the instructions and enter from the left side door.

Once entering the side door to the left, you will see beautiful views of the temple even though the main building (the most sacred building of the temple Taman Ayun) given a fence made ​​of brick. Visible Meru (pagoda with terraced roof typical bali) the beautiful and exotic tall. It was wonderful to immortalized in the form of photographs. The more into the scenery looks the better eye even after being in the back of this shrine. Looks neat rows lined Meru sequentially from the lowest and getting into the back of higher and higher. Seen from Meru by one level to the highest Meru (11 level) looks so beautiful. On the right and left part of this sacred pond is overgrown with a kind built by lotus flowers are beautiful. Could I also was stunned, thinking how great architects who built temples along with the building of this beautiful Meru .. Though the temple is built about 400 years ago so it was about 4 centuries standing, but still sturdy and still look so beautiful and exotic. It turned out that not only will the beauty captivated me the Taman Ayun temple, several foreign tourists who come from Korea and India as well as admire the beauty of this temple. They are incessantly taking pictures from various angles in order to get the best angle. And I think from any angle Pura Taman Ayun remain good for immortalized ..

After enjoying the beauty of the building satisfied the main Pura Taman Ayun we finally exit through a side door on the right. I accidentally directing views to the west, which is a kind of building kulkul and there are steps that can be climbed. Finally we went upstairs and look beautiful scenery from above the temple area. Here again the view from no less elegant start of the pool that surrounds the temple to the composed and clustered Meru peeking out from behind the thick foliage. The view is so interesting.


Before leaving this sacred building us a time to enjoy the coconut ice and snacks are sold by merchants who sell in front of the temple area. As soon as the fresh young coconut ice so drive out thirst that had been my feeling. A pleasant journey and was so impressive in this day .. 

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edinesia said...

nice info gan, visit back please

personal bali said...

Thanks.. Sudah saya kunjungi Blog agan.. Bagus prospeknya nama domain agan..Good Luck..

Link Software said...

Taman Ayun is one of the most beautiful temples in Bali are obliged to visit ..

Elsa said...

Wow, beautiful!

I've been to Bali twice, but hadn't visitied Taman Ayun. I hope I'll be able to go to Bali again and visit the temple :-)


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