Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Beauty of Jatiluwih Rice Field

View of Jatiluwih rice field with Batukaru Mountain
as a background

Verdant rice fields in Jatiluwih, Tabanan

When feeling tired already on the verge of the limit we must refresh ourselves and our mind to come back fresh and fresh ... Back to nature is one of the alternative to refresh the soul and mind .. The beautiful rice field, inhaling the cool and fresh air in the rice fields could be an alternative Jatiluwih fun .. Being in the middle of the terraced rice fields in Jatiluwih will give a sense of peace ... Coupled the birds singing voice will add to our admiration to the beautiful creation .. 

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Tabanan, Bali
  Jatiluwih consists of vast expanse of rice terraced fields in Bali.It is setting an irrigation fields (Subak) is very dominant in this region. Because the extent of rice cultivation, making Jatiluwih as a granary in Bali. Together with the Taman Ayun Temple and Ayung River, Jatiluwih been proposed as a World Heritage nomination due to its unique area and rice terraced fields that are here, but unfortunately until now still not successful. Hopefully in the future can be better and be successful as a World Cultural Heritage in order to further promote tourism in Bali and Indonesia in general. 

Clear water at Jatiluwih area. cool and
fresh water..
When We are in Jatiluwih will be spoiled with a beautiful panorama of nature, especially when It is sunny weather is with background  Batukaru mountain makes a perfect natural painting from Jatiluwih. Gurgling river that divides the rice field to give the feel natural / feels so natural that the clear flowing water .. as if calling us to simply wash your face or wetting our feet .. Once was cool and fresh ...Jatiluwih located in District Penebel, Tabanan, Bali .. The journey from Denpasar city by car or motorcycle can be gone for 1-2 hours depending on your driving speed.There are several alternative route options. 1. Denpasar - Kediri - Tabanan - Penebel - Jatiluwih 2. Denpasar - Mengwi - Baturiti - Jatiluwih 

Green and nice rice field in Bali..
It is recommended first route because the road smoother and wider, while the second route could be taken if we depart from Singaraja and Bedugul. After passing Baturiti market there will be crossing into the right direction .. We can follow the path that eventually will lead to Angseri hotspring with end point is Jatiluwih rice fields .. There are shops and several cafes located on the edge of the road in the township Jatiluwih that provide food and warm drinks when we can enjoy being there. Choose a seat with a gazebo  with panoramic views directly overlooking the green  of rice terraced  fields while simply enjoying the sweetness of hot tea or Balinese  coffee . It was an amazing experience. After a satisfying meal we can go straight down into the rice field and can take picture. Rice field which adds thrill ride down my adventures there. As a hunter pictures sometimes we must be willing to take pains to get good photographs in accordance with what we want. However, fatiguewill soon be paid off after we get good photographs with more fresh state of mind ..

Jatiluwih Ricefield with Batukaru Mountain as background

Jatiluwih rice field before harvest time.

It is once satisfied if we can enjoy the green rice fields, for those of you who like to soak in hotspring you can move on to Angseri Hotspring with the distance about 15 minutes from Jatiluwih. Angseri hot spring has a panoramic view that is quite interesting, consists of several ponds. There are 2 main pools and several ponls are private. Waterfall scenery we can enjoy in one of the main poolinside. After soaking in warm water containing sulfur is really to make the body become relaxed and fit. The mind is also more fresh after enjoying the cool air and beautiful scenery of terraced rice fields in Jatiluwih ..
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Bali is truly a remarkable beauty .. beautiful pictures such as photographs by Lydia Venieri in Stux Gallery .. The pictures are unique and beautiful . For photography lovers must visit the Exhibitions .. Surely you'll like it. Thanks ..

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