Monday, March 9, 2009

Choosing Restaurant In Bali

Locals are a great source of information so ask around. However, sometimes locals, such as hotel front desk staff and cab drivers, get referral fees for bringing in customers, so don't forget to ask some questions and do a little looking around before you go in. Asking locals can bring you some of the best information available about a restaurant.

Here are a few things to think when you choosing a restaurant :
  • In what types of food does your restaurant specialize?
  • What is your menu's price range?
  • Can you make a reservation?
  • When is it usually less crowded?
  • How about any special theme nights, such as Balinese or seafood?
  • Are there any special nights for live entertainment or happy hour?
  • Do you have any exceptions to the discounts you wish to use?
  • Can you honor your special requests?
You will find that although a restaurant may specialize in one type of cuisine, there will be a broad section of food for you to try. Please be aware of the following :
  • Asking locals can bring you some of the best information available about a restaurant.
  • Do not expect the same taste and style as you would in your own country when visiting restaurants specializing in specific cuisines. Like many Asian countries it has been adapted to the palate of the local and also dependent on the ingredients available.
  • Of course you will want to try the local Indonesian dishes and depending on the restaurant, the taste and price varies. Many restaurants adjust the cooking of Indonesian food to make it mild enough for the non-local guest to enjoy.
  • However if you are very game and would like to experience what most Balinese eat, try one of the many food stores 'warung' lining the streets of the downtown areas. The main part of the Indonesian meal is steamed rice (nasi). Accompanying the rice is usually dishes which may include one of a variety of meats and seafood, either boiled, steamed or fried.
  • Prices, style, food presentation, decoration and service vary and range from very basic to luxurious and from extremely cheap to quite expensive. Prices vary dramatically depending on the location and area rather than the quality of the meals.

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